One fine day dream came true

It all started after almost year settling down in Bangalore with a good job with a dream company. Working 5 days week, partying out on weekends and again back to work. Work was getting hectic and life was without any fun apart from the weekends with lots of beer.

I started enjoying my new lifestyle, but then there was something missing in my life. I was crazy about sex and love. But after I broke of with my ex-girlfriend i was feeling lonely. Though I never had sex with her as I believed in divine love I realized I should have fucked her and enjoyed my days with her. I was transforming into a bad boy from the so called sober, emotional good boy next door.

Staying with around 2 other crazy guys who have seen it all and done it all kinds even I started flirting around with call center girls calling up forLoans and credit cards. But then somehow it never worked. I got promoted and now I was involved in recruiting new people for the company. I was involved in Technical interviews. I am not a very good writer myself but then I am just giving a try . hope u r not getting bored ..

I got a call one fine day after I finished my work. A lady (Jaya) called me up and told me that she got my number from one of my friends and was looking for a job for her Friend. I told her to forward me the resume. She forwarded me the resume the next day. I told her that my company is not looking for very techie people but the person should be good in communication.

I spoke to the candidate and found that she was good in her communication and she would be good candidate for the company. I asked her to attend the Technical test next day morning. In the meantime Jaya started calling me every night. We spoke hours together and started getting to know each other. But then we never spoke anything related to Sex or stuff. I got to know that she is from my native place and that she is married to a business man and has 2 kids. I was very busy in Office, and was staying back in office as I had lots of work. She called me at around 11 PM I spoke to her and suddenly the topic moved to movies.

She asked me about different movies and then she asked me whether I have seen Murder. I said yes off course. She said she liked the intimate scenes in Murder. i got aroused . slowly I too started speaking about sex and asked her about sex life. She told me that her husband was not at all interested in sex and would hardly have sex with her. She then bluntly asked me if I could fulfill her desires. I was shell shocked but then inside me i was craving for sex she started making those sexual sounds which aroused me like anything. She wanted me to be at her place that night and fuck her in every possible positions.

Jaya was literally begging me and told me that she will do anything and everything i ask her to do. It was almost 2 hrs journey for me to her place. She told me that I can pick up a taxi and she would pay for the taxi. I said ok. I reached her place by around 3 AM. It was dark everywhere and I had tough time finding her house. at last somehow I reached her house. Knocked the door. Knock Knock. A beautifully Lady, around 26years old, 5′5″, with big boobs opened the door. She introduced herself as Jaya. Her husband had gone to her native place and will be back only after 2 days.

As soon as I entered her house, she locked the house and was in my arms, I started kissing her our lips locked trying to eat each other with tongue swirling around in each others’ mouth. She started zipping my pants. I told her to stop. Since I was in office for so long and then travelled so long I told her that I want to first have a bath and told her to make some coffee. I took a towel from her and went to bathroom. I was taking bath, suddenly she asked me to open the door she came inside and told me that she will bathe me . she started applying soap on my body slowly she massaged my arms

My chest and going underneath she held my dick and started jerking it with soap foam on it then she said she will give me a better clean on my cock . she washed my cock with water and then swallowed it in her mouth . she started sucking it sweetly as if it was a lollipop . she sucked hard and her movements started getting harder .. flusssssssshhhhh . came the loads of cum in her mouth . and she started swallowing she dint stop she was going on it started pain for me i told her to stop she washed her mouth . and I asked her

Where is my coffee to which she sweetly smiled and told me there is no milk and she was milking I smiled back at her and naughty said I like Black coffee, She was already wet . her boobs were amazingly shaped and her bums were like watermelons .. I started sucking her boobs like a voracious tiger .. she started moaning ahhhhhh .. ohhhhh come on give me more .with my tongue I was circling around her nipples to which she was moaning crazily with her one hand on my dick and my one hand in her vagina .. we both were in to heaven . this went on for almost an hour.

She was aroused to an extent were she wanted me to fuck her hard but I wanted to have everything slowly I knew it is more fun if you arouse a women to the highest level but still keep her in tenterhooks and make her crave for sex . I told her that I want coffee for which gave me a sweet kiss and went to the kitchen I dried myself and wrapped myself in the towel went behind her to the Kitchen she made me a coffee with lots of sugar to which i said the sweetness is missing she took coffee from my hand said she will make it sweeter She drank a sip of it and then kissed me pouring the sweet coffee into my mouth ..

Then she went away to bathroom .. as she was wet she removed her clothes and came in front of stark me naked .. I took her by arms and lifted her to make her sit on the dining table. I started licking her from top to bottom like a mad dog I bit her on her earlobes and rolled my tongue from her cheeks to the breast for which she started moaning give me more dear. I want to have this all night she started pulling my dick towards her Vagina . She .pulled it so hard and like a helpless creature I couldn’t help myself .

I stopped and told her that I need chocolates she wondered “Is this guy mad”. I told her chocolates means condoms . she laughed and i took a condom from wallet and then she helped me put the condom . she dint want to wait she wanted it as much as she can she was craving . like she has never done it all . She being on the dining table and me standing . I slowly pushed my cock inside her she was already wet and gave a small sound Pluck pluck and then I started maneuvering myself with to and fro motions she started getting hornier started moaning more ahhhhhhhhh ohhahhh.........