Always fond of Purnima

I have always been fond of Purnima. She was a secretary to one of the partners in office. She was in her early thirties and had a body of a Goddess. A lovely face, firm breasts, flat stomach and well curved ass, and always in a saree. She was married of course but paid a lot of attention to me. Now who would not want a sexy 30-ish woman’s attentions?

It started off in the elevator one evening as we were headed down during the rush hour. Gurgaon can be a pain if you dont leave office at the right time and it was 7 pm already. We used to go via the office cab. Anyway, the lift that day was extra packed and we both pushed our way into it and somehow got pushed in further right to one side. My hand was beside me and somehow landed on her ass.

She seemed unaware of what was going on below and talked normally. As someone new was coming into the lift as the gates opened, the geography of the elevator was again changed and she turned halfway now, her right side squeezing against me.

As luck would have it, the next second someone moved and my right hand was bang on her crotch. So here we were, for a brief moment, probably 30 seconds, my left hand was on her butt and my right on her pussy.

Believe I couldnt have imagined it better myself. She was in stunned silence as we descended, and then she looked up at me, parted her lips and said, “Godddd!” as I moved my hands around slightly. As we got off and headed to the car, she kept completely quiet. I was scared out of my wits. What had I just done? Had I just sealed my own resignation letter?

There was only 1 more person in the cab that day. We 3 chatted casually and she never let go that anything had happened. It was only after the 3rd guy had gone that she talked about it. And boy did she blow my mind! I am a married woman, Rohan, you know that right? Of course, I do, Purnima why do you ask? She stared at me with a “oh pls dont fool me” look and said, “stop the car and get off a little before my house, then walk in from the back entrance, 2nd floor, apartment on the left corner 10 minutes later I was standing inside her apartment. Purnima was standing against the closed door, her chest heaving and falling, her breath quick and heavy with anticipation.

I dropped my laptop bag and placed my two hands on her face and pulled her closer to me. She closed her eyes as we kissed. Her lips soft and the scent of strawberries and added aphrodisiac.

We narrow the distance between our bodies as our lips refused to part. Placing one hand on her ass cheek I squeezed slowly as she gave a small shriek. Pushing her against the wall I began tracing a path with my lips from her chin through her neck, down to her cleavage, as I began unhooking her blouse. As her bra came into view I realized she had been holding out on us. Her tits were massive and were caught tightly in the grasp of her bra cups.

Reaching back I opened her bra and let it drop. She was looking extremely sexy, barebodied and with her nipples erect and ready. As I placed my mouth on her nipples she shuddered with pleasure and started to remove her saree herself. That’s when the situation dawned on me, that she wanted to be fucked by me. My penis started to rise beyond what had ever happened before. I had to remove my trousers, undies and all.

As I stood before her nude so was she, having removed all her clothing herself. Particularly arousing was the way she lowered her panties upto a point and then used her toes to pull them off. My dick was rubbing constantly on her wet pussy as we fondled and caressed each other’s naked body. Soon enough she was ready and I raised one leg of hers and pushed my thick tool inside her.

She was much tighter than I had expected, so I guess her husband wasnt giving it to her regularly – what a great guy! I had fantasized about this moment for a long time and it was more than I’d ever imagined. Purnima had the best pussy I’ve ever fucked. It was tight when you entered and it gripped you fondly. She herself was moaning and calling out my name as I screwed her.

Lifting her off the ground I took her to the nearest bedroom.

There I placed her on the edge of the bed and spread her legs apart. Holding her thighs apart I went in and out and in again, fucking Purnima stroke by stroke till she came in warm burst. She looked so beautiful and vulnerable. Naked and breathing hard, after an enjoyable fuck session with someone 5 yrs younger to her, being unfaithful to her husband and yet loving it!

I lay beside her and hugged her as we kissed.

We kissed non stop for twenty minutes maybe and I played with her body as we aroused each other. I wanted to make this memorable for her and aroused her again with some foreplay she seemed ignorant about till she started saying, “take me, take me, please Rohan I understood she had given her body to me completely and fucked her again, this time even wilder than before.

We exploded together and rested in each other’s arms. I finally left her, around 10 pm. We had been having sex for 2 and a half hours but she was spent, but not completely over her new found hobby! I promised her that we would meet like this everytime her husband and children were away and we surely did but that’s for another time.