Meeting my yahoo friend in jaipur

This is a true incident that happened with me in 2001, still can’t believe that anything like this can happen with me. My name is let’s saying Ajay and I am now settled in Pune and am 38 years old. I am in a job that takes me to different cities in the country and abroad and this story dates back to the time when I was posted in Delhi.

This was the time in the year 2000-01 when internet was still expanding and lot of young girls and boys used to spend time finding friends on yahoo messenger and other common chat programs. I also had many girl friends on yahoo who I had managed to befriend and used to speak to a few of them who were open enough to share their contact number. Though nothing interesting happened for a long time, I still kept at it and waited for my luck to shine one day.

I got friendly with a girl from Jaipur, let’s call her Shikha Agarwal, who was in college, pursing her graduation. She was from Kolkata but was studying in Jaipur, we chatted for months on every possible subject but kept our discussions away from sex n all. She was a very very decent girl and used to stay with her friends in a girl’s hostel.

I visited Jaipur many times during the days we were friends, but she would never agree to meet up. After much persuasion and pestering from my side, she agreed to meet me but put a condition that she will come with a friend of hers, We decided to meet up at Pizza Hut in Jaipur. I still remember, it was tough to finish one meeting after the other as the only thing playing on my mind was this Shikha and the time came and I reached Pizza Hut at 6 PM. After about 30 minutes, Shikha reached there with her friend Radhika I was quite dumb founded to see two college going girls, quite good looking at that.

Shikha was very reserved but Radhika was quite an intelligent babe and left us alone for a while making some silly excuse. Nothing exciting happened in this meeting except nice hot Pizzas and I coaching Shikha about her career and understanding what she wishes to do in life.

We sat for about 45 mins and bid good bye to each other and developed a great rapport. Then came another opportunity for me to visit Jaipur and I was staying at a five star hotel (Rajputana Sheraton, for those who know Jaipur) then. I asked Shikha to meet me for breakfast but she again insisted that she will come with Radhika.

I had no bad intentions and I agreed, and this time for a surprise, I had three visitors – Radhika’s boyfriend also came along. It was 7 AM on a cold morning in December and we all chatted and had chai and snacks in the room and then it was time to leave for them at 8 AM as it was college time.

God knows from where this idea came to my mind, I told Shikha that I will drop you to college on my way as we have not talked at all, and if she wishes, she can stay back for another 30 minutes.

Shikha was reluctant but Radhika told her to stay back as she wanted to go on a drive with her bf. Now I was in a great situation that I could have never imagined Shikha and I, in a room with no one around us suddenly we both were silent and didn’t know what to say.

Then I asked her if I could read her palm she agreed, and I held and gently pressed her hand acting to understand what her lines said she asked – kya likha hai mere haath mein? I told her, to be honest I don’t know Shikha, but I just wanted to touch your hand she moved away from me.

I went close to her and asked, Shikha, may I hug you please she looked down and nodded gently.

I moved a step ahead and embraced her in my arms, she remain unmoved and I could feel the softness of her breasts against my chest I then asked her, can I ask for a kiss please and without waiting for an answer kissed her on the cheek. Then I moved towards her lips and gave her a gentle kiss, she did not respond at all, I was totally confused, then I moved ahead again for a lip kiss and this time to my surprise,

She opened her mouth and gave me a deep kiss. She was standing against the wall and our kiss continued for some time, and I gradually moved my hand under her sweater and touched her back but she moved my hand out I again took her lips in my mouth and put my hand inside her sweater and there was no resistance this time I started moving my hand on her back while kissing her and gently opened her bra she shouted No Ajay No,

I am not that close to you no one has ever touched me like this ever please stop I knew that if I stop, the story will end here – but you know what – I stopped and kissed her again and said sorry, I didn’t want to do this but being in a room with a sexy girl like you, I lost my control. To this she moved ahead and gave me a deep kiss and my hand again went inside her sweater and the bra was already opened and I touched her boobs from the side and she gave a soft moan.

I moved her along with me while kissing and massaging her back and sat on the bed with her now she lied down with her legs still touching the ground and this gave me a very good access to her boobs I cupped her left boob with my left hand and gently pressed it Shikha was getting very aroused now and moaning softly I moved down on her neck and kept kissing her on her shoulders, ears and then

I moved down to her boobs her nipples were fully erect and her boobs were rather small I started licking her boobs and both of us were in a uncontrollable state now I removed her clothing and bra but she did not let me take off her jeans and I removed my clothes fully I lied down besides her and kept licking her small and firm boobs and she seemed to be in a trance. I put her hand on my erect penis and she started stroking it gently she was feeling very shy but was fully aroused

I gradually moved my hand down and moved my finger inside her jeans, She resisted but I continued my exploration and touched per pubic hair then gradually I reached her clitoris, and started massaging it and kept on saying you are my princess, I love you” let me make love to you today my darling she was uncontrollable now and possibly having an orgasm but I admire her that she did not let me remove her jeans and I only finger fucked her for a long time to be frank guys and gals, I never wanted to break her trust and did not force her into anything that she was not ready for after a few minutes of clitoris massage she climaxed and lay in my arms.

I had yet not ejaculated and was bursting with desires I whispered in her ears will you give me one more kiss sweetheart she said yes dear I said this time here and pointed to my erect member she kissed me me on the lips and I thought that’s the end of it but she then sucked my nipples and moved down to my penis and till date I can’t forget the most heavenly experience of my life she took my penis in her mouth and started moving up and down. I couldn’t believe it she was sucking me like a lollypop and I couldn’t hold myself and shouted Shikha,

I am coming but she continued sucking and I came in her mouth. This was the first time a girl let me come in her mouth and it was such a fantastic experience she rushed to the bathroom and spitted and cleaned herself and came out. I was fully satisfied and she also looked very happy I gave her a tight hug and we lied down together for a few minutes, touching and stroking each other actually I realized that it was just not lust but there was a definite element of love between us.

I then met her in Delhi and we continued our sexual journey, it will be too long if I write that We both are married now, not with each other though, and are still in touch, no sex at all, just platonic relationship now. This is my first post ever, and is a true narration without any element of imagination if you like it and are interested that I narrate the next part when we met in Delhi......