Mom was screwed by my neighbour uncle - 2

After the kiss ended, uncle made his way to mom’s panties and started tugging at them. Mom stopped her saying, “No please don’t. I have already given in to your demands. Please leave me now”. Uncle reacted by saying, “Apna lund khada karwake aur tumhare jism ki aag ko taapne ke baad, you are saying to leave you. I told you, if you don’t allow me then I’d rape you. Now you have only two options – give in to me or be raped”. Before mom could react, in one swift move he removed her panties from her body and threw them away. It landed right where I was hiding. I immediately picked it up. It was very wet and smelt very intoxicating. The wetness of her panties showed the level of her excitement she must have been in. I too felt like shoving in my dick in her pussy right at that moment.

Removal of mom’s panties made her totally naked exposing her pussy and voluptuous ass. Her pussy was shaved and her fleshy ass really looked marvelous. This made uncle remark, “Saali randi, is umar mein bhi choot ke baal saaf karti hai, itna mast gaand matkati hai aur uske baad kehti hai that I should leave you!!!” Saying this uncle lunged at her, made her lie flat on her back, separated her legs and put his mouth on her love triangle. He started licking her clit. His tongue vigorously came into action. Mom started being very desperate. She started moaning “oooohhhhhh, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh…….”. Her boobs started heaving up and down.

Uncle increased the speed of his tongue. Mom started to jump her ass and saying, “Nahiiiiiii, pleeaaassseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Main mar jaaongi.” Her words seemded to give more excitement to uncle who kept on licking her. He wrapped her thighs with great force and inserted her tongue to the deepest part of her pussy. It seemed mom was now liking the whole part of it and started to moan with great pleasure. She wrapped her boobs with her palm and was tingling her nipples. I came many times in my pants enjoying the rape of mom which I myself had set up. Uncle also started fingering mom’s cunt. Mom now started going mad.

He had initially started with one finger and finally had three fingers inside her. Mom was screaming “oooooooooo ouuuuccchhhhh”. Suddenly it happened. She shuddered with great vigour after more than 20 minutes of licking and fingering. I could understand that she was coming to an orgasm, a very powerful orgasm – something that she might have been longing for years now. She moaned hard “I’m going to cummmmmmmmmmm…….”. She did cum over and over many times and uncle drank her flowing juices to the full. He would have spent quite a few minutes drinking her juice till it was dry.

They slowly got up giving a light hug to each other. “Wow your pussy is great. And your juices have made me fully intoxicated. You are a sexier piece of meat than I’d thought. Its time my organ enters your heated cave. Would be really great to fuck you, you sexy old babe.” Saying this he dropped his shorts down exposing his dick. And what a dick it was!!! It was really huge. Mom was stunned and started pleading, “No I cannot do this. I did what you wanted. You did everything you wanted with my body, my boobs, orally fucked me out.

You have literally raped me. Please leave me now.” Uncle said, “Oh come on babe. Your pussy is fully ready now. You just have to take my organ. It will be fun darling.” Mom was too stunned by the size it seemed, “Yeh to bahut hi bada aur mota hai. I cannot….please, please leave me.” Uncle remarked, “Kya baat kar rahi ho jaaneman. Yeh to sirf 10 inch lamba aur 1-1/2 inch mota hai.” I almost fainted at hearing the size but got quite excited by the fact that I would be witnessing mom having the fuck of her life. Mom was shocked at hearing the size, “Itna badaaaaaaaaa….nahi nahi main nahi kar sakti. Please jaane do.” Uncle was too adamant now, “Mera lund to ab phir se jhoolne lag gaya hai. Kamse kam isko khada to karwa do taki main isey jhaad paaoon. Isey apni sexy hothon se choos lo.” Without giving much chance for mom to respond, he literally forced his dick in her mouth.

Mom nearly choked but he kept on thrusting it in till I felt it had gone down her throat. He kept on moving in a smooth action in her mouth and held her head tightly by her hair to keep her in control. After about 10 minutes in which he would have got his dick totally sucked by mom, he suddenly took it out of her mouth in one go. Mom started coughing trying to get some breath. Uncle ordered her, “Chal burchodi saali, ab let ja. Tere ko chodne ka time aa gaya hai. Ye lund ab poori tarah se Lubricated ho chukka hai aur tere choot ke andar jaane ko taiyaar khada hai.” Mom started pleading again, “Tumne to kaha sirf chusne ko and then you’ll leave me. Please let me go. I have done everything you wanted. You have violated my modesty totally.

Now go to that extent.” Uncle retorted enraged, “Who said that I’d leave you after i’ve got my dick sucked? Your modesty?? You are a sexy old bitch worthy of being fucked by strong man like me. Tu to ek burchodi randi hai. Saali kutti kameenee, mera lund ab khada ho gaya hai, poori tarah se taiyaar hai, main to tujhe chod kar hi jaaoonga. Its been only one hour that I have been kissing you, sucking you, getting sucked and orally fucking you. I want to spend the whole night with you fucking you throughout. And nobody can stop me. Tu kaun hoti hai mana karne waali. Aaj raat main tere jism ka malik hoon. Tu meri raand hai aur agar tooney baat na mani, then i’ll certainly rape you.”

Uncle was a man possessed today fully drunk in mom’s lust determined to have her. Mom started screaming and crying but uncle was hardly moved and would have none of it. He pinned mom on the bed; pressed her body down on the bed keeping both her boobs pressed hard and separated her legs. Mom could sense that it was her destiny to be raped tonight. She said, “Main mar jaaoongi. Tumhara to bahut zyaada bada aur mota hai. Meri bur to bilkul hi phat jayegi.” Uncle was in no mood to hear anything. He said, “Ek randi ki choot mein to kuch bhi chala jayega.

Main to chahta hi hoon aaj apne chahat se tujhe maar daloon. Teri choot agar itni tight hai ki is umar mein bhi phat jayegi, phir to tere ko chodkar teri choot ko phadne mein hi mazaa aayega.” Saying this he bent over mom in between her legs, put his dick on her pussy and slowly started rubbing it. Mom moaned “aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. Then he entered her. Mom had not been fucked for a long time and her pussy seemed to have tightened up a bit although uncle had done enough in the past more than one hour to make his way through to the interior of her cave. But uncle’s dick was pretty big and quite thick.

Its very entry into her pussy made her moan aloud, “oooohhhhhh its very big. Nahi ghus payega. Meri phat jayegi.” Uncle fumed, “Kameenee raand, tu mujhe challenge kar rahi hai? Ghusa ke phaad hi doonga aaj.” With a good amount of force he wrapped mom’s body in his arms with her legs on his shoulders and banged his cock inside her pussy. In one movement his force pushed more than half of his gigantic dick inside her. Mom screamed and moaned in pain, “Aaayyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee aaaahhhhhhhhh mar gayiiiiiii. Raham karo. Phad di tumne to. Aur mat karo. Bahut dard ho raha hai maaaaaaaa.

” Uncle was in no mood to relent. He kept on banging her pussy and kept fucking her with all his might. I was wondering that he was fucking her with still quite a bit of his dick outside the pussy. His full dick had not yet totally entered mom. If she were shuddering at only half of uncle’s dick inside her, what would happen if uncle totally entered her? And uncle did just that. After the initial pain, mom had actually started to enjoy her own rape. She had caught uncle by his strong muscular biceps and was gradually responding with vigour to his moves.

Uncle took this opportunity and with his immense force pushed inside every length of his dick inside her pussy. Mom fathomed with pain and ecstasy. From outside it seemed as if uncle’s giant dick after an entrance through her pussy would come out through mom’s ass. Uncle started fucking mom with brute force. Mom responded with full force too. Her ass started Bouncing on the bed vigourously. It now seemed that uncle was banging at her G-spot because she was now getting extremely excited as if to come to the point of orgasm. Then she blasted out with full orgasm. She came over and over many times. She wanted uncle inside her badly now.

She started exclaiming, “Fuck me, aaaaaahhhhhhhhh, ooohhhhhhhhhhhhh, yesssssss I’m cumming. Fuck me hard my man. I need you.” Uncle ruthlessly kept on fucking mom for what seemed to be about one hour. Mom blurted out in orgasm at least ten times till finally she was absolutely exhausted. Uncle went on fucking mom till he realized that she was totally done. To my surprise after all the amount of fucking that he gave mom, he was yet to cum. He took out his dick from mom’s pussy and both of them wrapped their bodies tightly with each other and locked their lips in a very passionate kiss.

Uncle stood up after the kiss and mom was shocked to see his dick still erect fully. “Tumhara abhi tak itna bada hokar khada hai”, she said. Uncle kept quite but with the expert movement of his hands, he guided mom to take a doggy position and pinned her neck to head down on the bed. He started kissing the back of her thighs and slowly moved his lips up to her ass. He started biting her ass. Mom was moaning at his sexy moves. He then started licking her asshole and slowly inserted his middle finger in her asshole. Mom seemed a bit blushed, “Uuummmpphhhh….kya kar rahe ho?” Uncle responed, “Kyon tu hi to pooch rahi thi na ki mera lund abhi tak khada kaise hai? Ab main apna load nikaloonga.

Lagta hai aajtak kisini teri gaand nahi mari hai. Tera hole kafi tight hai. Mazaa aayega ek virgin gaand ko phaadne mein. I’ll shoot all my load inside your asshole.” Mom screamed, “Your cock is so big and thick. Tumne to meri choot hi phad dali hai. Itna bada agar tum gaand mein daaloge to main to bilkul hi mar jaaoongi.” Uncle in his usual style said, “Saali tujhe to maine kutiya isiliye banaya hai. Bitches are not supposed to resist. They are only destined to get fucked.” He positioned mom using all his force in the doggy style, forced her head down on the bed so that her asshole was pointed right at his navel and placed his dick on her hole. He then gradually forced his dick inside mom’s asshole. It seemed to be paining a lot for her as she started screaming very loudly.

Uncle forced his full dick into her hole and started fucking her with great force. Finally what seemed to be an eternity of uncle fucking mom’s ass, he released his load. Uncle moaned loudly like a thunder as his cum filled in my mom’s asshole. They lay on the bed for few minutes. Mom was sobbing slowly. Uncle kissed her whole body once more before dressing up. He bid mom goodbye saying, “Tere jism ka main bahut din tak pyaasa tha. Aaj jee bhar kar tumko choda hai.

Agar mera lund tumko pasand aaya ho, to mera darwaza hamesha hi tumhara liye khula hai aur mera lund teri choot ki khatir hamesha khada hoga.” After uncle went away, I quickly followed after out of the room. I went to my room and jerked out numerous times. It was 3.30 in the night and sleep got the better of me. The next morning when I woke up, Mom was already awake and ready for breakfast. I noticed there was an element of contentment on her face although her body particularly her ass twitched a bit while walking. The powerful fucking cum rape in the night was certainly showing its effects. My fantasies had certainly come true in a glorious fashion.