One Night Stand with net pal

This was a few years back when I had just been through my divorce and was happily single again. I spent my days doing just three things – Working at Office, Working out at Gym and Surfing the Net. While I chatted with a lot of women, spoke to a few, dated fewer and mated even fewer.

Very early into my second innings of bachelorhood, I met Sonal on the net. We got along pretty ok and soon exchanged numbers and started talking pretty frequently – 2 to 3 time a day. In a few days we were pretty attracted to each other with loads of love you’d being exchanged on the calls and texts. We decided to meet and I was to reach Mumbai on a Saturday morning. The plan was to spend the weekend together. Though we didn’t speak about it, we both knew there would be some amount of physical action when we met.

My flight out was on a Saturday morning and I wanted to have an easy day before so I am nice and rested. But as things turned out, it was nightmare of a working day and I spent most of the night working. Busy as the day was, I still managed to head to a chemist and buy some condoms ( I don’t know why but for some stupid reason I bought only 5). Anyway, with little sleep behind me I boarded the flight. I faded in and out of sleep and kept wondering what she would be like. Thought we exchanged pics but seeing someone for real is a little different.

The plan was that she would meet me at the airport. I was half prepared for her not turning up at all. Since I had only a overnight bag, I didn’t have to wait at the baggage carrousels. I called her and was relieved to know that she was waiting outside the airport. I spotted her immediately and we got into a cab and left for a hotel close by. We reached the hotel and spent some time just chatting and having some tea. I don’t know how it started but the next I know we were in bed and wild. We spent the next 24 hours in the room. Through the night as one of us drifted out of sleep we used make love and doze off again.

Once she woke up and I was sleeping, she took my sleeping dick and started playing with it. My dick and I woke up together for the action. The plan was to check out in the morning and go to the beach before having lunch. I was to head to the airport after lunch. But as we checked out, she changed the plan and wanted us to go to her house. I was bit surprised. She said her roommates would be out and she wanted to show me her childhood pics and her family pics. So we went to her house in Bandra.

She showed me her pics and then she wanted to show me her new top – one with bikini straps. She went into another room to change. She came out wearing the red top showing her beautiful cleavage and very lovely white skirt. The red top on her dusky skin was lovely. She asked me how she looked. I pulled her close and whispered, “Sexy”. She smiled. While the smile was beautiful there was hint of naughtiness and sex in there somewhere. I sat down on the bed while she stood in front of me.

I ran my hands over her chest. I could feel her getting goose-bumps. I hooked the strap with my finger and pulled it over her shoulder to bring out her left boob. The boob out and nipple looking at me. I witnessed the supple nipple turning firm. I gave it a gentle lick to tease her. She had lust in her eyes and she threw her head back in anticipation. I took her breast in my mouth and gently sucked. She moaned. I rolled my tongue around her firm nipple. She grabbed my head and pushed it into her breast and moaned some more. I slipped the other strap over the shoulder to expose the other breast.

I needed one breast as I sucked the other one. She was in pleasure. I sucked for a few mins and alternated the breasts. I then stopped and stood up. I took her in my arms and kissed her. Our tongues met and played. She put her hand on my crotch to feel the hardness. I said we should stop since I didn’t have any more condoms. She said its ok. I told her that I didn’t want her taking any pills. But she said its ok and took off her top. I could control any more. I pulled down her skirt and panties. She was now standing naked with only her silver payal and a gold chain.

There was little light in the room and her dusky color only accentuated the sliver payal and gold chain. She was looking gorgeous. She lay down on the bed. I stripped in a jiffy. I sat next to her feet. I took her feet in my hand and kissed it. I played my tongue all over her feet and she was squirming in anticipation and pleasure. I licked her along her smooth, tanned legs. I reached her knee and rolled my tongue on her knees. She moaned. I licked and kissed her all over her thighs.

I could see her pussy which was swollen and wet. I bent and got my face in front of her pussy. She was breathing hard and ready to explode with anticipation. I gently blew on her pussy. She moaned. I kissed her all around the pussy. I ran my tongue all around her pussy. Teasing her… she was waiting. She pleaded …please. Please. I looked at her and smiled. I spread her clit with my fingers and ran the tip of my tongue all along her clit. She went wild and was moaning very loudly. I looked at her and smiled. All she could say was, “You cruel bastard”.

I licked her clit some more and as the pace of my licking increased I could hear moan more. I then took her clit in my mouth and started sucking it. She screamed in pleasure. Just was she screamed, I pushed two of my fingers into her pussy. She was wet like a dam!. I sucked her clit and finger fucked her pussy. She started moving her hips. My other hand reached for her nipples. My fingers playing her nipple hard, her clit in my mouth and two other fingers fucking her pussy. She was totally wild and in pleasure. I think the neighbors might have heard her moaning but we couldn’t care less.

I lifted my head to see her pleasure and was totally turned on. I took my fingers out of her pussy and she begged me not to stop. I told her honey, I isn’t stopping… just changing gears. My fingers were wet with her juices I sucked my fingers and she found it sexy. I placed my mouth on her pussy and pushed my tongue into her pussy. I rolled my tongue in her pussy. I placed my fingers on her clit and started playing with her clit. I told her I wanted to her to cum in my mouth.

She was moving her hips and I could feel her break a sweat. I knew she was about to cum. I rolled my tongue a little more and sucked at the same time – sort of French kissing her pussy. She lifted her head and groaned… “ am coming” and she came… I could feel her tightening her pussy muscles and she did cum. She tasted heavenly. She came long and was shivering as she finished coming. I went and lay down by her. I kissed her on her lips and as our tongues played. She could taste her juices in my mouth. She was breathing hard. She said that’s the best she had had. I said it isn’t over.

We held each other in and kissed for some more time. I wanted to give her time to relax and let her breathing return to normal. But before I could make a move. She was all over me. She went between my legs and played with my balls – licking it, sucking it and biting it. She placed her boobs around my dick and played with it. She played around a bit and then got on top of me. She placed my dick on her pussy opening and wanted to take it in slowly. But I pushed it in with a upward thrust and she was taken by surprise. She screamed. She then slowly settled down… feeling my dick inside her.

She started moving slowly, grinding. I placed my hands on her boobs and caressed it. She was biting her lips and grinding. She was looking so damn sexy. She moved a little more and was slowly building into a rhythmic grinding. She was trying to grind her clit with the base of my dick. Suddenly something hit her spot and she went wild. She was moving up and down my dick like mad. She was moaning and screaming and going wild. I grabbed her boobs and pulled her close to me. As she bent and came close, we kissed. Her bending gave me some room to move and I was fucking her with upward thrusts.

She was chewing my lips. And I could feel her sweat break. I knew she was about to cum. I kissed her on her cheek and took her ear lobes in my mouth. I whispered love u in her ears but couldn’t hear me over her screaming. She then came again. I could feel her pussy tighten on my dick and felt some rush. In one move I rolled her down and got on top of her. And pumped her pussy for some more time. She was still breathing hard from her second orgasm. She just lay there for a while. I stopped pumping her and started grinding into her pussy. Moving in and grinding.

Trying to go deeper and grinding. She got turned on again. But she was physically done. She said, “please cum, I want to feel your juices flow inside me”. I grinded harder. She moaned harder. I took her nipple in my mouth and bit it. She screamed in pain and I grinded harder. I then pinned her down and started pumping her. We both were going wild. As I pumped into her she would thrust up. It was amazing. And then I was about to cum. I didn’t want to cum inside her and risk her getting pregnant.

So I waited for her to cum and just as she finished coming, I pulled out and sprayed my cum all over her boobs and her face. She looked even more sexy with my cum on her boobs and face. So she went cleaned up and we were out heading for the airport. One the way back she told me that she is actually a married woman. Her husband was out at work while we fucked in his bedroom. Anyway, I came back to Delhi. We never ever spoke again. While it lasted, it was amazing.