My Mom Was Fucked By Servant-2

I took pity on his cock and took it between my lips. My lips were pressing it rubbing it while I was devouring it and my tongue was playing with its underside. I could not take more than half and started choking. My cheeks were swollen and then again, I started sucking. I was putting full pressure and Ravi too was holding my head, caressing it and pressing it towards his Lund. He was crying, “Ohhh Naima suck, suck my cock. Make it cum.” His Lund was now throbbing.

I slowly worked it out and it almost came out of my velvety mouth. Ravi was almost on the point of no return. He asked, “Hey can you swallow, let me come out I’m going to burst.” I smiled at him and as an answer, with full fervor took almost his entire cock and started sucking. My hands were fondling his balls too. And he came, in spurts. I was being choked, but I kept on swallowing every drop. But my old mouth could contain only so much and some fell down on my cheeks, shoulders and breasts. I squeezed his ball sand licked until the last drop of cum.

He looked at me, smiled and with his fingers collected cum from my body and offered it to my hungry lips. I greedily licked and devoured it too. As I got up Ravi pulled me in his lips and kissed on my cum smeared lips. I stared at him and asked, “Ravi, did you enjoy the sucking.” He smiled and said, “Immensely. You drained me completely.

He made me sit on his lap, on his semi erect cock and softly touched ass crack. Now his hands were roaming over my breasts. He squeezed them hard, took his lips to my hard tits and kissed them, again nibbling them gently. He began squeezing them very hard and pulling my nipple. His fingers have now spread my cunt lips and one finger was deep inside. He made me lie down.

I was lying down and he was over me. His lips had captured my nipple and sucking them very hard. I was fully aroused and my tits were hard. He brought his lips down and his tongue invaded my deep navel. It was only a part of journey. His lustful tongue traveled down to my wet juicy cunt. But he avoided kissing me there and instead showered 100 kisses on my inner thighs. His tongue drew a tantalizing line around my love portals. I was moaning, crying but his relentless journey continued.

Slowly he started vibrating, titillating my cunt lips with the tip of his tongue. I was mad. After teasing me for some time, he made me sit on the edge of bed, went down on the floor between my milky thighs, and sat down. Ravi said, “Naima, let me pay you back in the same coin”. Now suddenly he grabbed both my cunt lips between his lips and started sucking the life out of them, greedily. His tongue was moving over my fluttering love lips. His lips will brush my hard clit, then take lips of my cunt, and suck them hard. As if it w not enough to make me mad, he thrust his thick lustful tongue in my wet waiting love tunnel.

It roamed, teased and aroused upper end of my wet cunt. He brought me close to climax twice and stopped. I was raising, grinding, and rotating my young buttocks, pleading. He loved teasing. When third time I reached close to orgasm, he shoved his massive Lund in my wet cunt. He just jabbed it hard and with relentless pressure, kept on pushing, until it was fully imbedded in my cunt. I tilted my face and discovered that I can see it in full size dressing mirror, all the details, my pink tight cunt fully spread, devouring Ravi’s huge cock.

He let it inside for some time and then very slowly pulled it out. As it was almost out, again in one merciless push, he shoved it in. I was enjoying the mixture of pain and pleasure. Slowly, he increased the tempo and I too was in raptures. He then raised my buttocks; put my slender legs over his shoulders and now fucking reached to frenzy. I was watching it in the mirror that how my tight cunt is gulping down, Ravi’s massive uncut cock. He pushed his cock inside the hole. Then he took it out and again pushed in. The cock was going in and out, in and out. He was fucking me very hard. I was loving it. My husband had never fucked like this before.

I tried to squeeze my legs together, but I was too close, I was starting to cum already as he sank in further, stretching my cunt lips apart, already more than ever before. My body began enjoying as my hips began to push and move against him with my building orgasm. I could not help it, I could not even speak. I could only moan and push back as he began to fuck me towards climax. He thrust in and out, sinking deeper into my pussy with every push until finally his entire shaft was into the hilt filling me completely.

His pubic bone grinded flat against mine. I started to mouth a profanity again when I felt his huge shaft push even deeper until it touched my cervix at the opening of my womb. That did it. I exploded in my first real orgasm ever. I thought I was going to pass out as wave upon wave of pleasure went through my body. When I finally recovered, I realized my pussy had adjusted to his huge size and his massive uncut cock was sliding smoothly in and out of my wet slit. All thoughts of my husband were gone. I was in love with his huge cock.

My body finally had what it had been waiting for all my life. I was moaning as he slammed himself into me, bucking with the pure pleasure that his cock was giving me. It was fantastic having such a large, powerful forbidden uncut cock inside me, and I felt my second climax building up in my stomach very quickly. I was going to come again! Ravi’s thrusting then got stronger and I realized he was about to come too. I was somewhat disappointed because I knew he would have to pull out before I came again. I was so close. Then I felt it. The feeling that I have yearned for every day since I was born.

His whole body lurched forward and I felt the tip of his penis smash against my cervix. He groaned loudly and shot the first spurt of his semen deep within me. My god, he was not pulling out! He was coming inside of me! I was filled with both the feelings of ecstasy and absolute terror. I tried to push him off, but it was too late. His hands were holding down mine and he was pushing into me with all the strength and intensity of his orgasm. What really surprised me is it felt so incredible!

When my husband comes it just dribbles out of him. But with Ravi I could feel his hot sperm literally shooting into me. It fired with enough force and quantity I could literally feel each forbidden jet hit my cervix and penetrate through my womb. I gasped, “Oh…I..can feel it.. Your coming…inside me…oh no…..oh no…, good.. I’m comming…..ooohhhh.!”, as my hips again involuntarily began to push hard against him. The most intense orgasm I have ever had hit me as he continued to thrust and all I could do was grab his ass and pull him into me further.
My entire conscience was focused on this pleasure between my legs now and I screamed with the greatest sexual experience of my life. Wave upon wave of ecstasy went through my body as I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him into me deeper. It was wonderful. I could feel his seed pouring out of me and down the crack of my ass as he kept spurting. I could not believe there was so much of it.

As the waves subsided, I could feel the hot warmth of his load spreading out into the depths of my body, searching for my eggs. I just lay there for a moment in a dreamlike state marveling at the feeling of what was happening inside of me. When reality began to return the fear of what I had done returned too. I looked down between my spread out legs to see the shiny coating of his seed as it clung to the shaft of his cock still partially inside of me. What had I done? I began to cry. Ravi noticed and looked deeply into my eyes as he continued to slowly pump his now shrinking tool. As he did I could feel more of his come oozing out of my swollen pussy. He was fucking with his slowly hardening tool.

I was raising my buttocks to meet his every push and crying. “Fuck me hard Ravi. Tear my cunt.” His hands were squeezing, crushing my boobs, his lips were sucking, biting, eating my nipples and base of his cock was rubbing my clit. The sound of our thighs hitting was filling the room. I was grinding my hips and enjoying every minute of it. Then I exploded the third time. I was holding his back scratching it biting it. It triggered his climax too. He came deep inside me the second time in 15 mins. His white cum was leaking over to my thighs. I passed away due to the massive orgasm. We cuddled and lied just like that and only cal bell of Doctor broke our trance.

Ravi opened the door while I went to the toilet to get dressed up. The doctor examined me and said “Nothing to worry. Please do some exercise for backbone and pelvic. You will feel better.” I laughed in my mind as I was doing pelvic and backbone exercise with Ravi since morning. He gave some medicines and left.