My Mom Was Fucked By Servant-1

This story is about my mother Naima aged 48 and her debauchery with our servant Ravi aged 20. Lately, I had noticed a drastic change in my mother’s dressing sense and her behavior towards Ravi. She began wearing loose gowns with low cuts that also without innerwear. I started keeping an eye on their activities.

One day I got my opportunity of catching Ravi pressing my mother’s breast over her gown in the kitchen. I shouted at them and Ravi ran away to his quarters. I questioned my mom and threatened to tell father. She broke down and confessed her deeds but requested me not to tell dad. The story is in her narration.

Hi, I am Naima, a homemaker from Lucknow. This story starts when my husband and Sanil had gone to our village to settle some minor issues. Our servant Ravi was at home with me. He used to carry out all the household chores for us. I asked, “Ravi, keep hot water in the bathroom for my bath.” He followed the instruction.

I took bath and came out wrapping a bath towel over my body. While coming out of the bathroom I heard the mobile ring. I rushed to pick it up but as my slippers were slippery, I slipped heavily and fell on the floor making a big noise. I had badly hurt my back. I was unable to get up by myself. Ravi came running towards me and saw me lying on the floor. I asked, “Pick me up; I think I have hurt my back badly.” I did not notice that due to fall, my towel had slipped and I was almost nude before him. He could not take his eyes off my nude body. This gave me goose pimple. I also enjoyed his sex hungry stares.

Without bothering to arrange my towel, I extended my hand towards him. He caught my hand pulled and tried to pick me up with a jerk but I was too heavy for that and my back was paining. Ravi came near me put his right hand under my waist and with left hand caught my hand and placed it on his shoulders. I chanced to see his shorts, which proudly displayed his massive erection. It must be 9” long, I thought. I got up but now I was very horny. My nude body was touching him.

I was clinging to his body and he was enjoying my body touch and wanton nude body display. Ravi lay me on my bed and said, “Madame shall I call the doctor?” I replied in affirmative. He called the doctor who was due in half an hour but he prescribed some pain reliever tablets to soothe the excruting pain. I took the tablets still in nude. I asked, “Ravi fetch my dress from the cupboard and help me to dress up. The doctor will be due any moment.”

He brought my gown, panty and bra for me. Ravi helped me to sit up on the bed. I said, “Help me to put it on.” I wanted him to be aside me all the time as I was too horny and was enjoying his massive erection. He stretched the bra flaps, I inserted my both arms in, and while doing so he touched my boobs purposely. Then he went behind me and clasped the bra hooks. Then he brought my panty although it was not necessary to wear but to extend the fun I lay back and raised my legs in air giving him full view (if he had not till now) of my cunt.

He inserted my legs in it and pulled it up to my waist. I raised my waist and he put it in place. Suddenly he scooped at my vagina and began kissing and sucking it over the panty. The sexual urge had taken over now, and he was not bothered about anything. He only wanted sex. I was also waiting for it. I held his head and pulled it towards my cunt. In one jerk action, he tore my panty and began sucking my pussy. He inserted his tongue in my hole. I pushed him away and said, “I want to see you naked.” He disengaged himself from me and stood up.

He removed his shirt and vest but after that, he stopped. He sat down on the bed and pulled me in his lap, like a small kid, with my naked buttocks on his thighs and face up. Ravi said, “I am going to give you a fucking of your life”, he said in mock anger. I too pleaded in the same tone, “No please no. I am a married woman. Do not indulge me in this.” But he lifted the bra from my bare boobs and started caressing fondling it. When I was thinking it just going to be that, then he began squeezing the other boob.

It was mild but made my not so young firm breasts tingle hard. His hand was caressing my hardening boobs. He kissed me on my lips while his hands began roaming on my back. His hand reached my ass and he playfully pinched me there. He pulled my nipples hard and inserted his finger directly on my crack of my ass. I was wriggling, screaming and he replaced his fingers with loving caresses on my ass. He playfully stretched my crack and his fingers were moving on the rims of my ass hole. When I thought it is over, he pushed his finger right in my asshole. He simultaneously pinched my nipple too. He loved playful sex.

He just kept his hand on my hips until I soaked all the pain, and then slowly he grabbed my cunt. He was crushing it squeezing it in the palm of his hand and while his other hand was cupping and squeezing my boobs. He was rubbing me hard and made me wet. He loved rough sex.

As if it was not enough, he took my clit between his thumb and forefinger and started rolling it. Now I was moaning with joy and sheer pleasure. He looked into my eyes and without saying a word; slowly inserted one finger inside my now wet cunt. I screamed with pleasure.

He probed with the tip of his finger, rotated it and slowly pushed it further. It was a continuous thrust. My cunt walls were rubbing against his finger gripping it, hugging it. But Ravi pushed it right up to its base, and now with the base of his palm he was grinding my clit. He kept on doing it for some time, which made me push my hips, moan and plead. I wanted him to insert his cock not his fingers but still was enjoying his action.

Slowly he pulled out his finger almost to its tip, moved it on the entrance of my cunt and suddenly plunged it mercilessly. And after that, there was no stopping. He kept on moving it in and out with full force while his thumb was playing with my clit. I was almost on the verge of climax, my body was shivering and he suddenly stopped. He asked, “Did you enjoy it. Do you want more?” I just nodded my head. “For that you have to suck my cock.” Ravi said. I was ready for it.

I took my pink lips to his shorts and caught it with my teeth. Holding shorts with them, I pulled it down. While my teeth were struggling with shorts, my hands pulled down his brief and his massive thick hard cock sprung up hitting me on my cheek. I was seeing an uncut cock for the first time. It smelled masculine and was bigger than my husband”s circumcised cock. It must have been 8” long. I took my virgin lips to its huge head and gingerly kissed it. I had never kissed or sucked my husband’s cock so in that sense it was virgin for a cock. Second time I grew more courageous and the kiss developed into a gentle rub.

With pressure of my lips only I slowly teasingly, opened the top skin of his cock head. Ravi was getting shivers. He was now moaning, “Yes, Naima, please lick my purple head”, and I took out my thick tongue and started licking its head slowly. My tongue glided to top and I even tried to push it into his peephole. While my lips were playing with his purple head, my hands were caressing, fondling his cock. I moved my hands to his balls and began tormenting him there.